How to Draw a Duck

This simple drawing tutorial consists of only four steps. Using simple lines, you will craft a lovely yellow duck in a matter of minutes. 

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Begin by drawing a rounded circle. This will form the duck’s head.
Draw the body by enclosing a big oval.
Extend two curved lines, one from the back, one from the hips. These two curved lines meet at one point to form the tip of the duck’s tail.
Draw the beak by enclosing an irregular shape overlapping the head.
Erase the guide lines from the head and body.
Draw a circle on the face to form the eye. Within the eye, draw a smaller circle. Shade between the two circles. Then add two dots on the beak to form the nostrils.
Outline the duck’s wing. You can draw a series of shorter, overlapping curved lines to indicate the feathers.
Add some raindrop dots on the wing and belly.
Draw some wavy lines beneath the duck, indicating the water.
Color your duck. Here we will make it a little yellow duck.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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