How to Draw a Giraffe

The giraffe is an African mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant. Follw this step-by-step drawing tutorial and create a lovely one.

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Begin by drawing a small oval, like an egg. This will form the giraffe’s head.
Draw a slanted narrow oval below the first one. This will form the giraffe’s body.
Connect the head and body with two curved lines.
Draw two bony horn by extending two pairs of curved, parallel lines from the head. Atop each set of lines, enclose a circle. Connect the two horns with a short curved line. Then, draw the ear using two curved lines.
Sketch the giraffe’s legs and feet.
6. From the hips, extend a pair of short curved lines. Draw a teardrop shape below at the end, indicating the giraffe’s tail with a tuft of fur at the end.
Erase the guidelines as necessary.
Draw a circle to form the eye, then draw a much smaller circle within it. Shade between the tow, forming the pupil. Duplicate this to get the other eye. Sketch two short line below the eyes, indicating the nostrils.
Draw some irregular shapes of different sizes all over the giraffe’s body to form spots.
Color the giraffe with yellow fur, with darker brown spots.

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