How to Draw a Shark

Sharks are at the top of the underwater food chain. They have long been feared and even worshipped by mankind. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a shark in just a few quick steps.

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Draw a circle first. Please note that this circle is only for guiding utility, and we will remove it later.
Enclose two “V” shaped lines around the circle: one at the top right to form the shark’s head, one at the bottom left to form the shark’s body.
Draw a diagonal curved line form the top tips to the bottom tips. Add the pectoral fins. Then sketch two reverted “V” shapes as the first dorsal fin and the second dorsal fin on the shark’s back.
Erase the guide lines of the circle as necessary.
Draw a curved “V” shape as the mouth and the tailed forming by two “U” lines connected.
Erase the guide line between the shark’s body and the tail.
Draw a rounded circle on the head to form the shark’s eye. Within the eye, draw two small circles – one within the other, and shade between the two, forming the pupil.
Erase the guide line between the shark’s body and the tail.
Sketch some jagged, “V” shaped lines to form the shark teeth.
Draw a series of short curved lines at the lower left of the eye to form the gills slits. Then add some wavy lines around the shark to indicate the sea.
Color the shark to make it look nice.

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