How to Draw a Pig

Pigs are intelligent animals that can be found on farms and in the wild. This step-by-step lesson will show you how to draw a pig playing muddy pudles. 

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Begin by drawing a circle. It will form the pig’s head.
Enclose an irregular shape on the right side of the circle, using a long curved line. It will form the pig’s body.
Enclose two big curved triangles on top of the pig’s head.
Sketch three legs (one far back leg is hidden by the near one) using a series of curved lines. For each leg, extend two parallel curved lines downward from the body. Connect the lines on the bottom. Then, draw a loose and rounded “M” shaped line across the front of each foot, indicating the toes.
Erase the guide lines from the lower body.
Draw a short spiral line for the pig’s tail.
Detail the pig’s face. Draw a circle to form the nose. And add two dots inside to make the nostrils.
Sketch some irregular circles on the pig’s body, indicating some muddy spots. And you can also draw a muddy puddle to enhance this picture.
Color your pig, and also the muddy puddle.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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