How to Draw Peppa Pig

love Peppa Pig? Let’s learn how to draw Peppa pig with this easy to follow step by step guide.  Nine steps and you can get a lovely Peppa Pig!

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Draw an egg-shape oval for Peppa Pig’s nose, and add two big dark dots as the nostril.
To the left side of the nose, enclose an irregular shape, a bit like a whistle, to form Peppa’s head.
Beneath the head, extend two curved lines. Connect these lines using a curved line. This will form Peppa’s body.
Enclose two rounded shapes by drawing two “C” shaped lines on the head, forming Pappa’s ears.
Draw the facial features. Draw two large circles for the eyes. Draw a smaller circle at the bottom of the large one, and shade the small one. For the smiling mouth, draw a wide “U” shape. Draw round circle as the rouge in the left area to make Emily look adorable.
Draw Peppa’s right arm. Extend two parallel curved lines from the shoulder. And complete the hands using “U” shaped lines to form the fingers.
Extend two sets of straight lines to form the legs. And add the shoes for Peppa.
Draw a short spiral line for the Peppa’s tail.
Color your Peppa, making it a lovely pink pig.

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