How to Draw a Penguin

Penguins are seabirds of the Spheniscidae family. They “fly” underwater with their wings, but they can’t fly in the air. In this drawing tutorial I will show you how to draw a Penguin in 9 steps. 

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Draw a circle in the middle of the top part of your paper. This will become the penguin’s head.
Enclosing an oval shape using a long, curved line to form the penguin’s body.
Draw the penguin’s flippers, in a slanted, rounded triangle shape for each.
Extend a curved line from each side of the body’s bottom. And draw the feet. For each foot, extend two slightly curved, short lines from the bottom of the body. Connect the lines using a series “U” shaped lines to form toes.
Add facial features. Draw two large circles for the eyes. Draw a smaller circle within each, and shade between the two.
Draw a small, curved, upside down triangle in the middle of the face. This forms the upper portion of the beak. Enclose a small wide “V” shape beneath, thus forming the lower portion of the beak.
Draw a curved lines from one side of the beak to the other side of the beak.
Erase the guidelines from the flippers.
Color your penguin with mainly black and white.

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