How to Draw a Monkey

Follow this guide tutorial to draw a lovely monkey.

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Start by drawing a big circle. This will form the monkey’s head.
Enclose a u-shaped line beneath the body, forming the monkey’s body.
Draw the monkey’s large ears. Enclose a rounded shape by drawing a “C” shaped line on each side of the head. Enclose another circular shape around the first.
Extend two curved, parallel lines from the hip to form the tail.
Draw a large circle across the face, and use a curved line to sketch a “V” shaped line beneath the top of the circle.
Draw two small circles and shade them, leaving a tiny speck uncolored to indicate the shine of the eyes.
Draw a peeled banana and the hand holding the banana.
Sketch the body line, forming the belly and leg.
Erase the guide lines as necessary.
Draw a small circle and shade it as the monkey’s nose. Extend a short upside down “U” shaped line to form the upper part of the mouth.
Color this little adorable monkey!

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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