How to Draw a Kangaroo

The kangaroo is a large plant-eating marsupial with a long powerful tail and strongly developed hind limbs that enable it to travel by leaping, found only in Australia and New Guinea. This is a simple step-by-step guide to how to draw a Kangaroo. Let’s get started and create your masterpiece.

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Start by drawing one of mother kangaroo's ears.
Define the lining for the head and mouth.
Sketch the big eyes with eyelashes.
Draw the eyebrows and nose.
Add the other ear. The begin to draw the curve on the outside of the kangaroo's chest and sketch its left hand.
Depict the head of the baby kangaroo. This baby kangaroo is squinting and smiling.
Draw the mother kangaroo's pouch and her right hand. The baby's hands are resting on the edge of the pouch.
Draw the lower body of the mother kangaroo.
Depict the baby kangaroo's neck and the mother Kangaroo's tail.
Color the mother kangaroo and also the baby kangaroo.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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