How to Draw a Goldfish

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a goldfish in just a few quick steps. And you can color it with the colors you like to make it beautiful.

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Start by drawing two circles in the middle of the low part of your paper. This will become the portion of goldfish’s eyes.
Connect the two circles by drawing double upside down letter “U.”
Extend a long, curved line from the top of the outer upside down “U” letter. Without lifting your pencil, make the line wavy before connecting it to the opposite side. Duplicate this to get a similar smaller shape.
Connect the eyes with two short lines, curving in opposite directions.
Draw the fins. Enclose two irregular shapes along the fish’s sides.
Detail your goldfish. Along the bottom of each fin and the tips of the tail, draw short, curved lines, indicating the ribs.
Draw the goldfish’s eyes. Draw two smaller circles inside the first two circles. For each smaller circle, draw another circle inside. Finally, draw a very small circle inside the other two. Shade between the two smallest circles, forming the pupil.
Sketch some short curved lines, indicating the ribs of the tail. And draw some wavy lines to indicate the presence of water.
Draw some small circles as bubbles, in front of the goldfish’s mouth.
Color your goldfish. This type of fish is often seen in shades of gold, white, black, orange, red, and green.

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