How to Draw a Fish

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you to draw a fish playing with bubbles. And you can color it with the colors you like. Also, you can download the PDF document and print it out for your kids to draw.

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Start by drawing a rounded circle in the middle part of your paper. This circle will be used as the guideline to draw the fish’s head and body.
Extend the head from the right side of the body using two curved lines. The lines should meet in a point. Using the same method to finish the body.
Erase the guidelines from the big circle.
Draw the big eye, eye brow and the open mouth. Here we will use two raindrop shapes connected together to form the mouth.
Erase the guideline from the fins and the tail.
Draw a curved line to separate the head and the body. And Sketch the tail.
Erase the guidelines as necessary.
Add some small horizontal “V” shapes on the fish’s body, some curved line on the fins to indicate the ribs, and some small bubbles on the fish’s head.
Draw some wavy lines to indicate the presence of water. And add some small circles as bubbles around the fish.
Color your fish.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

Download Printable PDF of the Fish Drawing Guide

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