How to Draw Emily Elephant from Peppa Pig

Emily is one of Peppa Pig’s friends. She is a gentle elephant.  She is able to make the loudest trumpet out of all the children with her trunk. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sketch Emily elephant quickly and easily. And you can try to color it to make it look better.

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Draw Emily elephant’ head and long nose with a whistle shape.
Draw Emily’s large ears. Enclose two rounded shapes by drawing two “C” shaped lines on the head.
Outline the body of Emily beneath the head.
Draw Emily’s arms. Extend two parallel curved lines from each side of the shoulder. And complete the hands using “U” shaped lines to form the fingers.
Add facial features. Draw two large circles for the eyes. Draw a smaller circle at the bottom of the large one, and shade the small one. For the smiling mouth, draw a wide “U” shape. Draw round circle as the rouge in the left area to make Emily look adorable.
Extend two sets of straight lines to form the legs. And draw the shoes for Emily.
Extend two long, parallel lines from the left side of the body, forming the tail. And allow the lines to diverge at the end, indicating the tuft of fur at the tip of the tail.
Add for shot curved lines along the top of the long nose.
Color your cartoon Emily elephant.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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