How to Draw a Cat

This simple drawing tutorial consists of eleven easy steps. You will combine ovals, circles, and a number of lines to form the head and the body, then you can add more details to make it look good.

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First draw an oval like a bun, which will form the cat's head.
Draw a large U shape around the lower part of the head, which will form the body of the kitten.
On each side of the irregular shape, draw an inverted V shape to form the cat’s ear.
Draw two U shapes on the body forming the kitten's front legs. And add a horizontal line to separate the foot for each leg.
Draw two s-shaped lines on the lower right of the body and let the ends meet to form the cat's tail.
Draw an upward curve under the head to form the cat's collar.
Erase the unnecessary guide lines.
Draw two circles inside the head to form the eyes and add more details.
Detail the cat face with eyebrows, nose, mouth and beard.
Draw an upward curve under each ear.
Color the kitten.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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