How to Draw a Bulldog

A bulldog is a dog of a sturdy smooth-haired breed with a large head and powerful protruding lower jaw, a flat wrinkled face, and a broad chest. It’s a Bulldog drawing time! Let’s learn how to draw a Bulldog together with this easy to follow step-by-step guide.

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Start with the bulldog's face.
Draw the nose in the middle of the face.
Draw the mouth.
Add some lines to form multiple patches of hair. And start to draw a pair of big round eye sockets.
Draw an eyeball in each eye socket.
Draw a pair of ears with double inverted Curved V shapes.
Draw one side of the body and one foreleg.
Draw the other side of the body and the other foreleg.
Add a curve under the body to form the hip, and add a short tail.
Color this lovely bulldog.

The Complete Drawing Tutorial in One Image

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