How to Draw a Bee

Honey bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man. Do you want to draw a cute honey bee? This simple, step-by-step illustrated drawing tutorial can help you. 

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Beginning by drawing an irregular ellipse that will form the head and body of the bee.
Extend two curves from the top left of the ellipse, and add a small circle on each curve and shade it, forming the antennae of the bees.
Draw two inverted U shapes with a big top and a small bottom above the middle of the ellipse, which will form the wings of the bees. Then draw a series of lines inside the wings, highlighting the texture of the wings.
Draw three pairs of short lines below the ellipse to form the hands and feet of the bee. And draw a “>” shape on the right side of the ellipse and shade it to form the bee's pin.
Draw the eyes. Here are the details: Draw a circle inside the left part of the ellipse, then add a smaller circle inside, and shade between the two circles to form a pupil; surrounding the pupil, draw another larger circle outside the pupil.
Draw a short curve above the eye to form an eyebrow, and another short upward curve under the eyes to form a mouth.
Draw a series of curved lines inside the oval to highlight the details of the bee body.
Color the bee with mainly black and yellow colors.

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